Room of Authentic Resonance

Unleash your inner Lioness!


Do you ever feel small – even invisible?

Do you wanna roar with and like everyone else?

Let me tell you something:


Be magnetic & use your voice to tell the world!

Foto: Nadine Targiel

My name is Anne, I am a singer, speaker and holistic voice practitioner.

September 25th to 30th 2023 I´d love to invite you to join me at Niyagama House in Galle, Sri Lanka for 5 days of holistic voice work to finally unleash your unique superpower – your voice! 

Enjoy the magic of voice baths to dive deep into your very own R.O.A.R. (room of authentic resonance). Re-connect with your intuition, your passion & your purpose and find your very own voice to roar authentically. 

Feel the healing power of your voice when toning together, expand your voice thru voice yoga & learn to express yourself authentically. Become magnetic – be you! 

Your hosts

Elke de Silva / Mindset Yoga Coach & Teacher based in Galle, Sri Lanka and me met first in 2020 when we both enrolled in a remote holistic coach training. After the pandemic we finally met in person this May and decided to take our friendship to another level by combining our passion & purpose.

Jennifer Stinglwagner and I crossed paths at the British Academy for Sound Therapy where we both enrolled for holistic voice therapy in 2021. Jen is a Berlin / Dheli based singer, vocal coach and holistic voice therapist and we´ll be holding space for you thus you can safely explore the power of your very own voice.

The three of us can´t wait to meet you at the tea plantation. We´re looking forward growing together and getting to know you in person at Niyagama House this fall.

What to expect:

  • ReTreat is held in english / German speaking facilitators are on site
  • optional daily Hatha Yoga with our host Elke
  • daily holistic voice group-workshops (10am -2 pm) // including toning, voice baths, voice-yoga, breath- & bodywork
  • holistic body work  (energetic spine activation, holistic healing sessions …) 
  • room to grow and time to connect 
  • healthy & delicious homecooked food
  • full-moon ritual & party

Your Invest:

Are you ready to r.o.a.r.?

Your invest for your 5-day workshop is € 555,- plus 19% VAT and can be booked directly thru my shop.

Where to stay:

Our Re-treat is held at a former tea plantation Niyagama House in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Enjoy the magic of this very special place and book your room per email or Whatsapp +94 767 785 566 directly with Elke de Silva .

Roomrates for a 5 nights stay start at €418,- EUR (single use) /€ 477,- (double/ triple use).

Including morning tea or coffee, breakfast, dinner, plenty of water & herbal tea, a guided tea plantation walk, a bike rental AND a Sri Lankan welcome present.

Please refer to your booking of „R.O.A.R.“ to be granted the above mentioned prices. (=35% discount on Single and a 40% discount on Double / Triple roomrates)


  • additional nights (please contact Elke for rates)
  • Ayurveda Massage (60Min=39$ / 90Min=52$)
  • Rice & Curry cooking class (min. 4 pax /10$ p.p.)
  • TukTuk ca. 30 Min. to Galle (2 Pax./4$ each way) / Unawatuna Beach (2 Pax. /5$ each way)
  • Sundown Yin Yoga – 60 Min  (9$ p.p.)
  • Aerial Yoga – 90 Min (12$ p.p.) 


  • flight to Colombo 
  • airport-transfer to/ from Niyagama House (can be arranged from $95/car)

Please don´t hesitate to get in touch with me about any questions.

R.O.A.R. with us and shine your light



What does R.O.A.R. mean?

R.O.A.R. is short for Room of authentic Resonance. Can be also called „higher self“, „soul“, „heart“. It´s the space deep within where all your potential, purpose, manifesting energy & dreams source. Where you can be truly youself and connect to your manifesting power and heal on an emotional and spiritual level.

Do I need any prior knowledge / singing voice / experience?

Aboslutely not. The class is designed for everybody. You will dive into the magic and possibilties of your authentic voice.

What is a voicebath?

A voicebath is for you to relax and enjoy. It´s a passive treatment. You´ll be lying comfortably on the floor while I will be performing a combinattion of toning and overtoning allowing you to enter an altered state of consiousness / ASC. (Like in deep meditation). ASC allows you to enter your R.O.A.R. quickly and get in touch with issues / topics that need focus at the time. In this state answers can come more quickly and unfiltered, pictures and colours may be seen, feelings might intensify and health issues might shift or even vanish since they are worked on on a deeper level. Voicebath is a gentle method to balance body, mind and soul and enable growth.

What is toning?

We´ll be perfoming a series of sounds (such as ahh / ohhh / eeeeh…) to balance our chakras. Each chakra in our body calls to a certain vocal and thereby gets activated. Toning can help to ease and release bodily and emotional pain by calming your vagus nerve. Toning together holds a very special magic since it strengthens our sense of belonging and creates a „sonic cuddle“.

What is Voice Yoga?

Voice yoga deals with breath activation, stress and tension release, chest expansion and so on. By uniting your voice with movements, you can experience the release of your authentic voice from a deeper connected place inside your body your R.O.A.R. By focusing on the physical voice this yoga form also cultivates more ease of projection, a larger range, clarity of speech & greater resonance . This can extend your ability of expressing yourself authentically in all areas of your life. You will feel more grounded, selfcentered and gain a lot of selfconfidence.

What is Holistic Body Work?

Holistic Body Work such as „energetic spine activation“ are tools that can be used to erase blockages upon all areas of your body & life and may help you to to re-activate the flow in your energetic body. „Healings“ (=activation of self-healing power) are very beneficial when received after working on constructs, blockages being in your way of flow. There´s a range of body (and voice) exercises for you to add to your toolbox and take home.

Do I have to share a room?

No, we respect your privacy. BUT – you might not only benefit financially by sharing with a friend or „new“ friend. A lot of joy can be found in connecting and exchanging – helping each other grow.